All for your smile

Japanese food culture to the world

All you can eat Japanese Shabu-Shabu.
Shaburi provides each guest with their own hot pot for shabu shabu.

We provide a selection of quality meats, fresh vegetables and side dishes

such as sushi rolls, chawanmushi, chicken karaage and more.

We offer various buffet options that start from $22.80 for lunch and $32.80 for dinner.
A la carte meat plate sets are also available from $13.80.

All you can eat Japanese BBQ.
Kintan offers dishes in yakiniku style with meats selected from U.S. and Australia,

alongside a variety of more than 40 side dishes, vegetables and

sauces such as spicy miso and garlic and cheese curry flavored dips.

We offer buffet lunch (from $27.80) and dinner (from $36.80).
A la carte meat plate sets are also available from $13.80.

“Solo” Yakiniku restaurant everyone wanted is now open!
Are you feeling awkward while eating Yakiniku alone? That’s why we opened this restaurant for you.

There is a dedicated roaster for you to enjoy your own pace and your favorite way to cook.

Our smokeless roaster is perfect for the people who care about smell and smoke, such as

office workers and women.


“Tasty! Quick! Value! Fast food style Yakiniku restaurant”

We don’t serve any Reimen (cold noodles) and Yukke (raw meat dish), unlike other traditional Yakiniku restaurants.

All menus we serve are only Yakiniku, rice, seaweed soup, and Kimchi.

You can get those simple dishes within 3 minutes after your order.

We provide the highest value and quality Yakiniku with the most reasonable price.

“Enjoy your own customize! Choose various cuts of meat, amount and sauces”
One of the most fun of Yakiniku is tasting various cuts of meat.

You can choose your favorite cuts of meat, amount, and sauces in our restaurant Yakiniku Like.

Try the best combination you like!


All for your Smile


Chief Exective Officer
Eiji Kamada

Japan has a very unique and wonderful cuisine culture,
which has acquired an international reputation over the years.

DINING INNOVATION GROUP , as an incubator of the food service business: In Japan,
Dining Innovation Group helps create and bring “innovative dining experience” to Japan’s most popular dining such as yakiniku, yakitori, and shabu shabu.

Outside of Japan, we operate our original brands and other wonderful Japanese brands without losing recognized Japanese culture and quality.
We ensure that people around the world is having a great dining experience.

With our dining experience, we would like to enrich the lives of people all over the world,
make every customer happy and smile more.
This is the mission of DINING INNOVATION GROUP.

We, DINING INNOVATION Asia-Pacific manage our own shops in Singapore and expand our Japanese dining brands
as a Franchise Headquarter in Asia‐Pacific region.


"Japanese food culture to the world"

Company Profile


Chief Exective Officer

Eiji Kamada


180B Bencoolen Street #10-03/04/05 The Bencoolen Singapore (189648)





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PT. Inovasi Kuliner Indonesia

Business Activities

Management of Shabu-Shabu and Japanese BBQ restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia.